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Every game has rules. For instance, to play the game of basketball, one has to know the rules first. This is true with all the games we play. A player never questions the rule! He just abides by the rules and plays to the best of his ability.

However, we don't realise that life is also a game and it too has its own rules. Most of us are unaware of these rules. And for those of us, who are aware of it, like to question them. It gives us a kind of intellectual satisfaction.

The first and the foremost rule of life is the rule of happiness. It states that the objective of life is to be happy. I am sure the word 'be' in the previous sentence, just before the word happy, has almost gone unnoticed. Here is the secret. We can only 'be' happy and can never 'become' happy. Life is in 'beingness' and not in 'becomingness'.

We tend to ask too many questions. As I said earlier, it gives us a kind of intellectual satisfaction. We like to ask questions like...What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Where will we all go? What will happen after death? etc.

But the problem is, 'THERE ARE NO ANSWERS !' (the second rule of life)

but we keep struggling...we want the answers...This desperation of ours, gives many an opportunity to make a career out of answering these questions and convincing us that they have found the answers...and now they must guide us!

What is unknown and cannot be known is best left unknown. There is no point arguing. 'THIS IS IT !'.

We were not born out of our choice. But death is certain. Whatever we do, we will die one day. Now, here we have a choice. Should we crib or should we celebrate the gift of life. We have a choice to live life to its fullest, to have great fun in life, to see great places, to contribute greatly to our society...and many other such great things.

Yes, its true that we will still die. But the choice is ours...when we are still alive...

on Mar 31, 2009

Hi!! Anuj!! It was good to go through your blog. In fact I was astonished to see how deep a guy of your age can think. It’s really amazing and good...these kinds of questions would definitely lead to some answers of your own and that would be a creation in this world. Normally, we think creations are always something big and our own small creations gets unnoticed by our self. So keep on jotting down all those small-small things that come up in your mind. There is no point to refer to any books or ask others, as God has given us an invisible force beyond our brain that is called "VIVEK (Conscious)" which is capable of answering all these if stimulated well and I would congratulate you that you are stimulating it well. I would still like to suggest you to go through a book "MAA KI PUKAAR" - by Sri B.P.Singhal, a retired and successful IPS, which is already with you; it would enhance the process of stimulation. The book is in Hindi, so you may find it a bit difficult, but still you can try it out. I am confident that you would be able to understand it with the help of patience & skill, you have.

on Mar 31, 2009

ITs really interesting......Anuj Bhai....I share a common thought i have on LIFE as a GAME....Its a very nice feeling ....when we read the most complex thing we deal with..((our LIFE)) just a game...... ...... ........ ............ ........ To make it as literal as it can be I PLACE my good and bad times on the cards of Community Chest and CHANCE (Business game)... If its a bad day....i can wait for the next chance card to buy me some extra smile or it can be the other way n I MISS A TURN>... so i imagine MY LIFE ON THE board of BUSINESS n truely belive it moves in a circular style.

on Apr 06, 2009

thanks for reading my blog and posting comments....i know that your time is precious...thanks for taking out time....