Nothing is permanent but change. So is in the case of cricket. From the age of five long days of test cricket we are in the age of three hours of power pack 20/20 cricket. Here the action is unlimited and the results are fast.


Critics and some classical fans of cricket argue that this form of cricket is not capable of testing the real cricketing skills of the players. They say “real cricket is the test cricket!”


Not everyone could have guessed the outstanding success of this new form of the game. India had also launched its IPL which is running successfully in its second season.


In this article I would like to argue in favour of the new form of cricket which is based on wholesome entertainment.


I think there is considerable amount of talent required in 20/20 cricket too. It’s not easy to hit sixes and fours so frequently!

Basically it’s a different game and cannot and must not be compared to the traditional form of cricket. It’s a completely different strategy game.


In a sense I believe the game is a mere reflection of the needs of a modern man who basically does not have time in life! Today who has the enormous time and patience to watch a five day long game? Frankly, very few.

One need not be too cynical about the growing popularity of cricket 20/20. Change is inevitable and there is no point resisting it. And all kinds of change need not have to be seen in a bad light.

Preservation of the old is good, but in this case most of the reaction against the new game is exaggerated.


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